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About C’Anns

About C'Anns



C-Ann’s Southern Bistro is a Southern-Style Steakhouse located on the lower left wing of The Clubhouse Bar & Billiards, and is named after the owner, Chris England’s wife (Carrie Anne England), and his late mother (Carol Ann England). Although it is on the same property, C-Ann’s offers a unique menu, with a separate dining area, experience and atmosphere. You won’t see a pool table or bar unless you wish to. If you so desire, just through a breezeway, a plethora of activities await. Such activities offered via The Clubhouse are live music, bar, billiards, darts, shuffleboard, cornhole, poker, and much more! If you are dining at C-Ann’s on an evening that The Clubhouse offers live music, your dinner receipt from C-Ann’s earns you a $5 door voucher, per meal! We look forward to serving you soon!

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